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17-18 May, 2014
YEAR 4, NO. 4





Adrian_Leka-Ardita_Bylo(fq_7-16).pdf The meaning of alternative sentences  Adrian Leka, Ardita Bylo  7-16 

Aferdita_Berisha-Shaqiri(fq_17-21).pdf Management information system and decision - making   Aferdita Berisha - Shaqiri   17-21 

Afrim_Osmani(fq_22-35).pdf International aspect of the family violence - victims and consequences  Afrim Osmani  22-35 

Agim_Shaqiri(fq_36-41).pdf Safety and health at work in the Republic of Kosovo   Agim Shaqiri  36-41 

Albana_MADHI-Gjergji_SHQAU-Andi_LEKA(fq_42-48).pdf The urban remains an important duty for the Elbasan environment and citizen   Albana Madhi,Gjergji SHQAU, Aldi LEKAJ  42-48 

Albulena_Shala-Skender_Ahmeti-Vlora_Berisha-Edona_ The factors that determine the capital structure among insurance companies in Kosova - Empirical analysis  Albulena Shala, Skender Ahmeti, Vlora Berisha, Edona Perjuci   49-58 

Armand_Krasniqi(fq_59-66).pdf Reformation and decentralization of tax system, in function of Kosovo municipality competences growth - with particulare emphasis on the tourism development in the municipalities of Dukagjini Region  Armand Krasniqi  59-66 

(fq_67-72).pdf Performance of Foreign Banks operating in Kosovo - ProCredit Bank Kosovo - Raiffeisen Bank Kosovo &NLB Prishtina   Arta Hoti, Sevdie Alshiqi Bekteshi, besnik Livoreka  67-72 

(fq_73-76).pdf Public enterprises in Kosovo and their challenges in the future  Bahri Hyseni,Magdalena Bregasi, Mete Beqiraj  73-76 

Besim_Mustafa-Samir_Lleshi(fq_77-82).pdf Education in Entrepreneuship Kosovo  Besim Mustafa, Samir Lleshi  77-82 

Dardane_Nallbani(fq_83-95).pdf Development of Wind Instruments Teaching Curriculas for Professional Education in Kosova   Dardane Nallbani   83-95 

(fq_96-99).pdf Albania challenges in the framework of european integration   Diana SHEHU, Ymer HAVOLLI, Valbona SOTIRI, Skender MURATI, Albana SHEHU   96-99 

(fq_100-108).pdf Organisation of transboundary cooperation, an excellent opportunity for sustainable development   Driton Sylqa, Ariane Elezaj, Emin Neziraj   100-108 

Edmond_Beqiri-Mefail_Tahiri(109-118).pdf Optimal needs of Information and Communication Technology that lead to sustainable Education System in countries of SEE   Edmond Beqiri, Mefail Tahiri   109-118 

Egzone_Osmanaj(fq_119-128).pdf The impact of legalized prosititution on human trafficking   Egzone Osmanaj  119-128 

Ela_Golemi(fq_129-135).pdf Socio-economic cohesion and SEE region's strategy for the future   Ela Golemi  129-135 

Elida Cirikovic(fq_135-141).pdf Marketing mix in tourism   Elida Cirikovic   135-141 

(fq_142-150).pdf Relationship between Customer Knowledge and Management and Knowledge based of life cycle concept of knowledge management : Case study the Sales industry of wholesalers and retailers in Kosovo  Emin Neziraj, Justina Shiroka Pula, Driton Sylqa   142-150 

# Due to plagiarism issues, this article has been removed from the Conference Proceedings. All authors/researchers that have already downloaded this article, please do not cite it  Plagiarism is a grave offence and will not be tolerated!  151-161 

Enriko_Ceko(fq_162-172).pdf EFQM model and business environment in albania related to quality management   Enriko Ceko  162-172 

Enriko_Ceko2(fq_173-186).pdf Relations between strategic management, operations management and environment protection   Enriko Ceko  173-186 

(fq_187-196).pdf Competing norms and European private international law   Ervis Qela, Radovan Qela  187-196 

Fatos_Ukaj(fq_197-203).pdf Development of a tourist destination based on marketing activities   Fatos Ukaj  193-203 

Genc_Beqiri(fq_204-212).pdf Information databases influential in the implementation of customs policy in the SEE Countries  Genc Beqiri  204-212 

Gonxhe_Beqiri(fq_213-222).pdf The impact of social media on higher education in Kosovo: The student s perspective   Gonxhe Beqiri  213-222 

Husnija_Bibuljica(fq_223-227).pdf The Management as a function on tourism development in Kosova  Husnija Bibuljica  223-227 

IMELDA_SEJDINI(fq_228-242).pdf Wage structure and employment structure connection in the Albanian labor market   Imelda SEJDINI   228-242 

Imelda_SEJDINI_and_Ina_SEJDINI(fq_243-252).pdf Real wages versus nominal wages in the albanian economy   Imelda Sejdini Ina Sejdini  243-252 

Jeta_Nushi(fq_253-257).pdf Response of the international monetary fund and the european union to the global financial crisis   Jeta Nushi  253-257 

(fq_258-266).pdf Decison making in the curriculum development process in higher education in Kosovo- case of Haxhi Zeka   Justina Shiroka-Pula, But Dedaj, Luljeta Aliu  258-266 

Kastriot_Blakaj(fq_267-274).pdf The influence of the facebook social network in electronic business and costumers online security   Kastriot Blakaj  267-274 

Labinot_Osmanaj-Egzona_Osmanaj(fq_275-286).pdf Copyright, national and international protection and recongnititon of the copyright   Labinot Osmanaj, Egzona Osmanaj  275-286 

Lidia_Lacaj(fq_287-293).pdf The european union and the roma people   Lidia Lacaj   287-293 

Lirim_Lani_KastriotGjocaj(294-304)a.pdf Socio - economic consequences of unemployment in Kosovo 2008-2012   Lirim Lani, Kastriot Gjocaj  294-304 

Manjola_Xhaferri(fq_304-311).pdf Old Bazaar and People Skills development after the 1990s in the city of Kruja   Manjola Xhaferri   305-311 

Marsida_Ashiku-Daniela_Gerdani(fq_312-320).pdf Financial planning in Albanian family   Marsida Ashiku, Daniela Gerdani   312-320 

Matilda_Brokaj(fq_321-332).pdf The impact of the gastronomic offer in choosing tourism destinations, the case of Albania   Matilda Brokaj  321-332 

Merita_Dauti(333-339).pdf Preparation of resources through high education for the labor market in tourism and hospitality - Case study: University HaxhiZeka   Merita Begolli Dauti  333-339 

Merita_Murati-Rezarta_Brokaj(fq_340-348).pdf The role of marketing sea ports for the development of tourism  Merita Murati, Rezarta Brokaj   340-348 

(fq_349-356).pdf Corporate governance scorecard: the case of Kosovo Energy Corporation (KEK J.S.C.)   Mete Beqiraj, Magdalena Bregasi, Bahri Hyseni   349-356 

Miresi_Cela(fq_357-364).pdf Trade Related Aspects of Intellectual Property Rights and Developing countries   Miresi Cela   357-364 

(fq_365-370).pdf The impact of workerstraining in establishment of their performance   Mirjeta Domniku, Gazmend A.Sadiku, Valon A.Sadiku   365-370 

Mitasin_Beqiri-Qebir_Avziu(fq_371-375).pdf Some open issues concerning the resocialization of the convicted people   Mitasin Beqiri, Qebir Avziu   371-375 

(fq_376-386).pdf Banking Risk Management of Kosovo Commercial Banks   Muhamet Aliu, Arbana Sahiti, Arben Sahiti   376-386 

(fq_387-396).pdf Risk management and impact on the performance of insurance companies - the case of Kosovo   Myhybije Zallqi-Zhara, Ibish Mazreku   387-396 

Napolon_Beqiri(fq_397-403).pdf Enabling the Knowledge Management Environment in SEE countries through harmonized codification using Information and Communication Technologies   Napolon Beqiri  397-403 

Rajan_Arapi(fq_404-410).pdf The reasons that companies prefer certain media for promotional aspect   Rajan Arapi  404-410 

Rexhep_Nushi(fq_411-415)a.pdf Training students in the practical realization of electronic circuits by simulating circuit components in VIRTUAL-LAB   Rexhep Nushi  411-415 

Rezarta_Brokaj-Merita_Murati(fq_416-424).pdf Sustainable tourism development in Albania through stakeholders involvement   Rezarta Brokaj, Merita Murati   416-424 

Rifat_Osmanaj(fq_425-431).pdf Automated Teller Machine-ATM - their use in Kosovo   Rifat Osmanaj  425-431 

(fq_432-438).pdf Digital oilfield and the cyber risks in the everyday work. Managing oilfield data in a more unsecure world   Robert Kosova, Irakli Prifti, Teuta Thanasi, Elda Cina   432-438 

Romina_Dhora-Brikene Dionizi(fq_439-445)a.pdf The role of the restaurant sector in promoting the local cuisine in Shkodra district   Romina Dhora, Brikene Dionizi   439-445 

Shqiponja_Nallbani(fq_446-452).pdf Real Strategy as a Foundation Document to Guarantee Quality Management and Assurance in the 'Haxhi Zeka'   Shqiponja Nallbani  446-452 

Suada_Ajdarpasic(fq_453-462).pdf Unemployment as a crucial factor of social destabilization   Suada_Ajdarpasic  453-462 

(fq_463-474).pdf A study on the correlation of the remittances and the life of the Albanian families  Teuta Thanasi, Robert Kosova, Lindita Mukli  463-474 

Teuta_Kryeziu-Besjana_Kryeziu(fq_475-478)a.pdf Foreign trade export and import flows in Kosovo to other countries of the   Teuta Kryeziu, Besjana Kryeziu  475-478 

Theranda_Beqiri(fq_479-484)a.pdf Vocational Trainings as a Tool for more Sustainable Employment in Republic of Kosovo: Gender Issues in Employment  Theranda Beqiri  479-484 

Valentina_Sinaj-Serena Lekaj(fq_485-490)a.pdf Panel analysis of telephony mobile Albania   Valentina Sinaj, Serena Leka   485-490 

(fq_491-498)a.pdf The financial crisis as manifestation of the so called the political trilemma of the world economyThe role of financial instruments in reducing exchange rate risk   Vlora Berisha, Rrustem Asllanaj, Albulena Shala  491-498 

(fq_499-505)a.pdf The financial crisis as manifestation of the so called the political trilemma of the world economy   Vlora Prenaj, Vlora Berisha, Drita Konxheli  499-505 

Xhenet_Syka(fq_506-511)a.pdf Prevalence of Gender-Based Violence: Preliminary Findings from a Field Assessment in Six Shelters in Kosovo  Xhenet Syka   506-511 

(fq_512-518)a.pdf The role of the government policy for support the sme-s   Ylvije Boris KRAJA, Prof.As. Dr. Elez Osmani , Fatbardha Molla  512-518 

(fq_519-522)a.pdf Employee skills, a very important factor in tourism grouth   Zaim Korsi, Dashurie Zeneli, Arzena Korsi   519-522 

Zana_Radoniqi(fq_523-528)a.pdf Corruption in privatization process and consequences   Zana Radoniqi   523-528 

Business-Intelligence.2014.pdf Business Intelligence  Ejup Rustemi ,Mefail Tahiri  529-540 

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