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01 - 02 JUNE, 2012
YEAR 2, NO. 2
pdf EDITORIAL     1 - 3
pdf ISSN Decision Document   National Library of Bosnia and Herzegovina 4
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AGALLIU Arbi & NALLBANI Shqiponja  

Human capital’s problems in financial intermediaries in Albania and Kosovo

9 - 12
ALIBALI Rozafa & MEHMETAJ Nevila & BALA Adisa   Performance evaluation in banking 13 - 18
ALJILJI  Ajka   Ecological packaging a part of the marketing in the organization of a company 19 - 20
ALSHIQI (BEKTESHI) Sevdie   Motivation as a factor in success of public enterprises of Kosovo 21 - 26
ARAPI Rajan   Local producers and their penetration in the market of Kosovo 27-30
AVDIĆ Amra   General considerations on the institute co-ownership with emphasis on the law of Bosnia and Herzegovina 31-36
BAJRA  Ujkan & HASANI Burim   Event study on stock splits 37 - 44
BALA Mersida & TROSHANI Arjeta   Innovation in the tourism context: New opportunities for enhancing competitiveness 45-50
BARBULLUSHI (SAKTI) Erjola   Bank efficiency in Albanian banking system: dea approach 51-54
BEGOLLI (DAUTI) Merita   Culturar hertage as pontential for foreign investments in the region of Dukagjini in area of tourism 55-58
BEHLULI-NIMANI Melek  & SELIMI Teuta & HOXHA Shpresa   Economic development based on the energy sources exploitation 59-60
pdf BELEGU Faruk & BEQIRI Genc   Methods and practices of managing the human resources related of property
rights , externalities and environmental problems
BEQIRI Edmond   The role of informatization in innovation and changing in education systems of the transition countries 61-68
BEQIRI Theranda   Labour Markets in Transition and Gender Inequalities 69-76
pdf BEQIRI Edmond & BELEGU Faruk & BEQIRI Genc   Analysis related To International Trade Barriers of
Monopolistic Competition in the fields of Computer Software and Operating Systems in South-East Europe
BERISHA (NAMANI) Mihane & KONXHELI (RADONIQI) Drita   Information technology as a factor of creating and developing of competitive advantages of businesses 85-90
BIBULJICA  Husnija   Financing Enviroment  Protection Sources In Region And Kosovo 91-94
BOGDANI Mirela   Profound Analyze Regarding Compatibility of Art. 6 of ECHR with Consensual Arbitration 95-98
. BUSHATI Brilanda & MOLLA(BEQIRI) Fatbardha & OSMANI Elez   Analysis of independence  for  bank of Albania 99-104
. BUSHI (HAFIZI) Denada   Touristic potentials for foreign investments 105-110
. ÇEKREZI Anila   International Trade Barriers 111-114
. CUCOVIĆ Anita & SHEHU-LOKAJ Alma   Economic development with help of FDI (Montenegro example) 115-120
. DACIĆ  Mujo & CUCOVIĆ Anita   Women entrepreneurs in business 121-124
. DALIPI Fisnik & NINKA Ilia   Analyzing some recent architectures for semantic search at IR and QA systems that use ontologies 125 - 130
. DHORA Romina & DIBRA Mirjam   The social and cultural impacts of tourism, a case of Shkodra, Albania 131 - 136
. Domniku Mirjeta   The process of financial management in companies of the Republic of Kosovo 137-143
. Domniku Sokol   How much are ethical managers of financial firms, when it comes to making decisions on hiring new employees 145-149
. ELEZAJ  Ariana   Supply chain management and innovation impact on market development 151-155
. FERTI Çelnik   Inflation and Money Growth: The Case of Albania 155-160
. GAZIJA Albana   SMEs sector and its role in economic development of Kosova 161 - 166
. GOVORI Arbiana   Impact of risk in the organization: The need for measuring and managing it 167 - 173
. GOVORI Fadil   The Financial Lobby and Impact of Other Stakeholders in the EU: A good model for emancipation of the financial system in Kosovo 175-181
. HALLUNOVI Arjeta   Foreign direct investment in developing countries: The case of Albania 183-187
. HARUSHA Gloria & ANAMALI Arjeta   The importance of the human resources management for an organization success 189-193
/ HASAJ Alkida & KRUJA Drita   The Marketing Concept: Market Orientation and the Performance of Nonprofit Organizations in Albania 195-199
/ HAŠIĆ Enes   Limiting the right of ownership according to theconvention for the protection of human rights and fundamental freedoms 201-207
/ HUSAJ Shqipe   Multilingualism , Integration and the International Trade 209-212
. IDRIZI  Driton   Performance in Service Marketing from Philosophy to Customer Relationship Management 201 - 204
. IDRIZI Florim & NINKA Ilia   Increasing the security of e-commerce systems usingsome models of combined cryptography 205-224
. IKONOMI Luljeta & NDOCI Nikoll   The Albanian Policy and Legislation on Employment of Foreigners: the impact in the internal labour market 225-230
. KADRIMI Ilda & KADRIMI Eneo   Doing business in Albania…How easy and difficult is it. 231-234
. KALAČ Mersiha   Impact of globalization on a successful business of Kosovo companies 235-240
. KALAČ Ruždija   Harmonization of financial reports – the role of accountancy in conditions of the internationalization of business 241-247
. KINKA (PULTI) Aurora & DRAGUSHA (SPAHIA) Blerta   The role of fiscal decentralization on economic development. Case of Municipality of Shkodra 249-254
. KRAJA (BORIÇI) Ylvije & OSMANI Elez & BEJLERI Emi   Innovation key component for increasing competitive advantage 255-260
. KRASNIQI Armand & BELEGU Majlinda   Legal framework amendment in tax system in the Republic of Kosova as a condition for sustainable development in tourism in Dukagjini region 261-265
. KUJEVIC Hamid   Reasons for lobbying activities and interest groups 267-270
. KUQI Bekë   The importance of economic development in the Republic of Kosovo 271-274
. KURTĆEHAJIĆ Suad   State-legal vertical Bosnia and Herzegovina 275-282
. KURTOVIĆ Halid &  REPAK Advan   Traffic - generator of economic development 283-289
. LATAJ Jahja & XHEMAJLI Ariana   Case study on hotels' websites  in Kosovo 291-294
. LIKAJ Matilda   Albanian society internationalization: challenges and new opportunities of albanian migration during integration to european union 295-300
. LUTA Mimoza & Edison Luta   Importance of the value chain analyze 301-304
MAZREKAJ Leonita   Harmonization of Development Strategy between Central and Local Level ocal Self-Governance Situation in Kosovo 305-310
MAZREKU Ibish & POPOSKI Klime   The effectiveness and integrative model adoption of Risk Management 311-313
MEHMETAJ Nevila & ALIBALI Rozafa   Are  deficits  in  the  government’s  budget  inflationary? 315-320
MEKA  Elvin & MEKA (TAÇI) Sonila   Albanian financial system in front of global & financial crisis - a new approach to ensure long-term sustainability 321-326
MULLIQI Arta   Can economic factors explain the pattern of cross-border student flows? 327-334
NEZIRAJ  Emin & AHMETXHEKAJ Shahin   Agro-business as indicator of economic development – Case study Kosovo region 335-339
PETRAJ Ina   Principles of private pension supervision and their fulfilment in the context of European Integration 341-344
PRENAJ Vlora & MUSTAFA Bashkim & RUKIQI Berat & THAQI Agim   Development of small and medium enterprises in Kosovo and their impact on economic development 345-348
PRENAJ Vlora & ISMAJLI Hysen & HOTI Arta   Influence of economic zones to attract investors 349-352
RAMAJ Behrije & BEQIRI Gonxhe   Touristic potentials as a main factor on increasing investments in the region of Peja. 353-357
REPAK  Semiha & REPAK Advan   The contribution of border police in combating Organized Crime at the borders of Bosnia and Herzegovina 357 - 366
REXHEPI  Valdete   The  Impact of Foreign Direct Investment on the Tourism Development in Kosovo 367-374
SADRIJA (LATIFI) Thëllëza   Methods and practices in Managing Human Resources in Kosovo 375-378
SAHITI Arbana & ELSHANI Alban & KAJTAZI Saranda   Privatization  In Kosovo -Case Study: The Post and Telecom of Kosovo 379-386
SELMANMUSA Arta   The importance of business environment in the development of entrepreneurship 387-394
SHAHINI Besa & SHQAU Gjergji   Well-being in focus of a quantitative economist 395-400
SHEHU Albana & OSMANI Elez & SHEHU Diana & MURATI Skënder   The culture of foreign business and its impact on culture and Albanian economy 401-404
SHIROKA (PULA) Justina & SHAHINI Besa & XHELILI Florentina & PRENAJ Vlora   Energy and small and medium enterprises - challenges and options 405-412
SURDULLI Sahit & PULA  Leke & ELSHANI Alban & SHIROKA (PULA) Justina   Econometric consumption demand analysis – Multiple linear regressions 413-416
SYLQA Driton & KALAC Becir   Impact of global crisis on FDI in transition economies: with special reference to Ksovo 417-426
TAKE Ergi & KAZIA Greta & DYRMISHI Inid & QENDRAI Pamela & NIKOLLI Xhulio   The Significance of Student’s Spending in Family’s Income 427-430
TRAKANIQI  Fjolla   Impact of globalization in economic development 431-436
UKAJ Fatos & UKAJ Fetije   Internal audit as a factor to enhance the quality of management in businesses in Kosovo 437-440
VOKSHI  Brikenda   Relation between  the accounting profession,  audit and economic development of Kosovo 441-444
XHAFERRI  Shqipe   International Accounting Standards and Albania implementation:The Changing    Accounting Environment 445-450
XHAFERRI Manjola   Challenges and Prospects of Tourism in Albania 451-454
XHINDI Nevila   Implementing regional development  in Albania 455-460
XHUVANI Erjola & KANE Edit   Integration of Western Balkans towards EU 461-466
Ejup Rustemi & Mefail Tahiri   The Battle For Server Dominance  


  Touristic potentials of Struga and the possibilities of sustainable development 467-473
Designed by Dukagjini European College, May 2012