Compliance of the standards in South-Eastern European countries with the harmonized standards of European Union


June, 2015
YEAR 1, NO. 7-8


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Afrim Osmani   The European Union policies on environmental protection 7-15
Alberta Tahiri, Faruk Daci, Mujo Dacic   Theory of sustainable development of tourism 16-20
Alma Shehu Lokaj   Nepotism as a negative factor in organization performance 21-26
Armand Krasniqi, Diamanta Sojeva   Free economic zones from the legal perspective in Kosovo 27-34
Arsim Kelmendi   The history of performers and professors of wind music in Kosovo 35-38
Artan Osmani, Ylvije Boriqi   The functional Manager against the manager of the project 39
Ariana Xhemajli   The impact of FDI on economic transition and development of Kosova 40-41
Bardha Gashi   English in academic and research setting - discourse community, genre analysis and academic english programs 42-46
Bashkim +çerkini, Roberta, Bajrami, Robert Kosova, Valentina Shehu   - Transportation cost optimization using Evolver, IP GÇô solver and MS Foundation 47-55
Bekim Kadriu, Bujar Ahmedi   The Constitutional Court Of The Republic Of Macedonia And Protection From Age Discrimination 56-60
Besim Mustafa   Non Formal Education and Human Resource Development in Kosovo 61-63
Besnik Zeka   The role of human resources in the manegement of the insurance companies in Kosovo 64-69
Driton Idrizi- Ilir Binaj   Fiscal policies of EU in Kosovo and their harmonization with the EU countries 70-78
Brunilda Zenelaga, Kseanela Sotirofski, Daniela Meçe   Emigrating from Albania or in Albania 79-82
Ditila Ekmek+žiu   Optimizing a call center performance using queueing modelsGÇô an Albanian case 83-98
Driton Fetaj   The impact of the barriers in development of small and medium enterprises 99-106
Driton Sylqa, Emin Neziraj   Innovation and investments as a cornerstone of economic performance toward European integration processes 107-115
Edmond Beqiri, Adem Tolaj   Harmonization of the Preuniversity Programs of Information and Communication Technology, in compliance with EU market needs 116-124
Elida Cirikovi-ç   Unique value of Human resource management in organization 125-128
Justina Pula, Emin Neziraj, Driton Sylqa   Organizational Change and relation between Employees in Kosova Banks 129-137
Emru+í Azizovi-ç, Melisa Azizovi-ç   Overall plan of online course of pedagogical education for assistant 144-151
Ermira Shehu   Building effective cluster policies 152-160
Evisa Kambellari, Brunilda Bara   Interception of communications for criminal purposes in Albania and compliance with European Union standards 161-170
Fatbardh Gashi   Instrumental teacher education in kosovo - competences, roles and contemporary standardized curricula 171-179
Faton Shabani   Non-Conformity Of Goods In Light Of The United Nations Convention On Contracts For The International Sale Of Goods 178-181
Fatos Ukaj   Marketing aspects of tourisem development in Balkan Region 182-188
Filloreta Kunoviku Demiri, Kujtim Demiri   How to join eu while there are many differences of doing business in the same city 189-201
Gazmend Abrashi, Donat Rexha   Social status and public spaces 202
Edmond Beqiri, Genc Beqiri   ICT usage in Annual registration with stock balancing as a way for Compliance of standards with the businesses in EU 203-210
Sofronija Miladinoski, Vasko Cuculeski, Halit Shabani   Organization of time of the operational activities in the tourism Management 211-223
Hajrija +ákrijelj, Ibish Mazreku, Duda Balje   Management based on the marketing strategies with EU standards GÇô case study Peja Brewery 224-230
Ismajl Cacaj, Bakir Kelmendi, Nexhdet Shala, Burim Rexhaj   Apple Chemical Protection Against Leaf Powdery Mildew And Sustainability To Pathogen Cultivars According to EU Standards 231-237
Jusuf Mustafai   Vocabulary Learning Strategies 238-245
Mefail Tahiri, Ejup Rustemi   The two-way Impact between data mining and Mobile Technologies 246-252
Mefail Tahiri- Ejup Rustemi   The Impact of Information Technologies on the Knowledge Society 253-258
Merita Murati   The development of tourism and seaports marketing in the region of Vlora- their role in the economy 260-265
Mirela Tase- Manjola Xhaferri   The tourist potential in the northern coastal areas. management and protection of natural resources of the area 271-276
Mitasin Beqiri-Sevil Muaremoska   Observation and study of the convicted persons at the penitentiary institutions of the Republic of Macedonia 277-281
Mybera Shala Mustafa   Why there is no health insurance in the Republic of Kosovo 282-289
Beqiri Edmond- Beqiri Napolon   GÇô Harmonized codification using Information and Communication Technologies 290-298
Osman Sejfijaj   Contemporary issues of motivation for lecturers 299-304
Qebir Avziu   Restorative Justice In Republic Of Macedonia And Possibility To Application To The Juvenil Justice With Special Emphasis To Mediation Works 305-311
Qufli Osmani- Kushtrim Gashi   The predictive value of job satisfaction and relevant factors in predicting of commitment in the workplace-job involvement 312-323
Rajan Arapi- Drita Kruja   Media Influence In The Promotion Mix 324-332
Shaip Gashi   Shaip Gashi - Institutional support of the entrepreneurship facilitate integration process of Kosova 333-341
Shqiponja Nallbani   The role of managers in the creation and implementation of the strategy for quality assurance in the public University of the Republic of Kosovo 342-346
Sreten Miladinoski-Sanja Nikolic- Ibish Mazreku   The influence of the education level of the standards in South-Eastern European countries 347-353
Teuta Thanasi- Lindita Mukli- Fabiana Çullhaj   Remittances in Albania in the frame work of South-Eastern European countries and crises gripped 354-362
Ulpian Hoti- Romina Damini   Unions and governments - Case of USA and Albania 363-370
Valentina Sinaj- Xhuljeta Meçaj   Quantitative analysis of the mobile phone market in Albania 371-378
-Veton Jahmurataj   Impact Of Culture On Organizational Development - Case Study Kosovo 379-385
Mervete Shala   Politic Control of Public Administration from Assembly of Kosovo 386-401
Yllka Rupa   Analysis- about the origin-development and formation of the notion of ownership- its review in relation to the economic developments 402-408
TherandaBeqiri_MeritaBegolliDauti   Minimum Wage in Transition Countries 409-414

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